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Mini Array Power & R/S Distribution Box with 6' Power Cable

Mini Array Power & R/S Distribution Box with 6' Power Cable


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Mini Array Power & R/S Distribution Box

Our Mini Array Box is a power and R/S trigger distribution system that was originally it was designed to power and trigger multiple RED KOMODO cameras. It became clear it could be used for much more and even be used to power multiple accessories.  One Mini Array can power and trigger 1-5x RED KOMODO cameras.  Three Mini Array boxes can power and trigger 9x KOMODO cameras and a wireless follow-focus receiver. You can also power and trigger 3x RED V-RAPTOR cameras per Mini Array. 
The Mini Array Box features a built-in Arca-style base and backplane allowing it to be easily mounted.  A built-in test record button allows you to trigger the cameras directly. An R/S gang link port allows you to link two or more Mini Array boxes together to allow the triggering of multiple cameras at once.  A wireless follow focus / manual close contact input allows you to trigger from your wireless follow focus or from our famous Bolt-On R/S trigger button. A 20A Neutrik PowerCon connector is the main power input (we rate it at 15A with longer cables or 18A with cables 6 feet and under).  Each of the five 2-pin power ports has reverse polarity protection built in and provides up to 3A each (when using all 5, higher when using fewer ports) which is perfect for four KOMODO cameras and an accessory or five KOMODO cameras with no accessories.  
Each MUTINY Mini Array comes with a 6-foot PowerCon to XLR 4 power cable.
Link to Komodo Array power cables:  KOMODO ARRAY CABLES
Link to R/S Array cables: R/S ARRAY CABLES
Some configuration examples:
Example 1: When using nine KOMODO cameras you would require two Mini Array boxes with four cameras on one and five on the other and a R/S gang link cable to cascade R/S. 
Example 2: Powering/triggering nine KOMODO cameras and multiple accessories you would require three Mini Array boxes and two  R/S gang link cables cascade R/S.
We have been blessed with the unique opportunity to have some of our custom-made array boxes used on some of the world's biggest movies and tv shows to solve power and triggering issues. Due to the overwhelming demand, we made the Mini Array Box system accessible to more filmmakers and productions.
Please email us with any questions you have before ordering.  We make custom cables, so let us know what you need. 


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