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Great addition

I have these on several of my cameras, they work flawlessly and allow me to place my run/stop button exactly where it suits me best ergonomically.


A MUST for Doc shooters.

You get what you pay for and after buying cheap sdi that breaks if the wind blows, these guys do it right and keep picture up when it matters most under pressure.

Always great service from industry leading pros

solid cable

For such a simple thing, I have real confidence in the quality.
I’m happy with all my Mutiny gear!

Clever design. Brilliant execution.

We have tried a few different battery and I/O adapters for OG Komodos over the past two years, and this is the best by far.

I wish I did this earlier

I’ve been reading about this setup for the Komodo for a while but felt like I could make do with normal 12g sdi protocol. But as part of a larger facelift for my rig, I finally got the mutiny isolator and sdi cables and through two shoots not only has it given me extra protection, it has legitimately made using the camera more fun and easier. Highly recommend. I wish I’d had it years ago.

Cool idea for peace of mind!

Nice to know if you’re still rolling… or not!

Great gear as always. Cheers Dan

Arrived within a week

The customer service response was really good. Despite international shopping cost being too high, overall product packaging and arrival was smooth and fast.

Ingenious design

This was something I needed, and of course Mutiny had it. Solid design, I now have R/S on a top handle for my R5C.

Perfect Addition to the Komodo-X

What’s not already been said about the X/SIDEO IO for Komodo-X? It’s a great addition the body of the camera. Having the extra ports but also the mounting options available now has been a huge benefit to my rig. I also like how when attached it gives the body a bit more width so when I have handles on, it helps create more of a balance when holding. Highly recommend. Have had friends reach out about it and I’ve already sent them to the site to order.

Also the team at Mutiny is fantastic, super responsive and I always look on their site first if there’s something I might need before looking anywhere else.

Great device, works as advertised

Does what it says, only a minor complaint. I have 5pin timecode connecters that are specifically made to have a 90º turn so they can fit on an ARRI Alexa Mini. When I try to use them so I don’t have long straight 5pin sticking out the side of my FX3, the 90º part comes across the R/S connecter blocking it. It might be nice to have it clocked in a different direction (or maybe I should just live with the straight one and shut my pie hole :)

MUTINY "TRUE 12G™" 75 Ohm 4K Shielded thin SDI Cables (6" - 24")

Great Stuff

I have been seeking this splitter for about a year. Finally, I found and got from Mutiny
It works just right.

Perfect Hot Swap Solution

Don't miss any action! A perfect, inexpensive, lightweight solution to hot swap batteries. Just keep a battery on hand with the cable attached, plug it into the power port and swap the battery.

Cable is exactly what I needed!

MUTINY “TRUE 12G™” SDI Long (3 Feet+) 4K Shielded Thin 12G 75 Ohm SDI Cables
Simply the best

I ordered this 3' sdi for use on my RED Komodo gimbal ring and it is just perfect! So far I have only used it on one shoot day, but I am extremely pleased with how well it works. I will order a few others in shorter lengths for my other RED rigs.

The only brand of SDI cables I buy.

Just avoid all other brands and buy the mutiny cables

Rock Solid

I’ve used a cheaper battery I/O from another brand, and I wish I would have skipped that and gone straight to Mutiny. The Mutiny is designed better, has more functionality and it's dependable. This is the one to get.

Great product

In been looking for an option that will allow me to get run/stop on my side handle without occupying my 9 pin lemo. This completely solved my problem

Terrific addition to the OG Komodo.

Such a great upgrade from the simple V-mount battery plate I had before. I love using the run/stop cable out of my Nucleus M motor, the 5-pin timecode input, and the nice red run/stop button right on top the unit. Not to mention the battery voltage readout... it's just all great.

Excellent, very much needed.

Just perfect!

everything was perfect and the transport to Germany was ultra fast, thank you!

Amazing accessories made for film makers!

COMBAT Series 550 Paracord TRUE 12G™ 75Ohm 4K SDI (RIGHT ANGLE to STRAIGHT

Custom colors and top notch craftsmanship. Mutiny always a step above.