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BATTERY IO for KOMODO (Original)- RED Approved

BATTERY IO for KOMODO (Original)- RED Approved

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Battery IO for KOMODO (Original) - RED Approved

There is approximately a 1-2 week wait period on this product due to extremely high demand.

*** Note, we have seen an issue with Atomos Ninja V / Shogun not powering up when powered via the 2pin connectors on Battery IO.  It seems they have a higher current pull on startup than smallhd, portkeys and other monitors**** 

The RED approved MUTINY™ Battery IO for RED KOMODO®️ is a lightweight interchangeable battery mount system with a built-in port expander and power outputs for the RED KOMODO camera. Our Battery IO has a lot of redundancy options built-in and features built-in that no other company offers (9 Pin EXT Passthrough, Anti-Battery Drain switch, Voltage meter, DC IN option, etc).  We do not accept returns on this item as they are built to order.  Mounts available are: V2 V-Mount, Gold Mount and MAX Mount (Dewalt 20V/18V Max)


1x Battery IO modular IO/Power Unit (comes with a user-swappable battery plate)

1x user swappable battery plate included (choose from  Gold mount, V2 V-Mount or DeWalt MAX). The battery plate options mounts to the Battery IO Core modular IO/Power Unit.  

The V-mount version features our new MUTINY V2 V-mount plate with dual offset d-taps with shortened positive pins, a 2 pin power unregulated power output, and a DC power input / hot swap port.  It also features built-in horizontal or vertical mounting without the need for the VAP adapter.  It also uses a standard 2 pin Komodo DC input cables for hot-swapping batteries. 

The Gold mount version the batteries drop in straight from the top or can be sideloaded with our optional VAP vertical adapter plate.

The DeWalt Max adapter features a d-tap output, a 2 pin power out, regulated power and operates vertically only. 

2x Regulated shielded 12V Lemo 2pin power outs (Pin1 Ground, pin 2 is +VDC). These are angled to allow right-angle cables that will not obstruct the screen on top. These are rated at 2A regular and 3A peak on each connector. If you need more than 2A sustained power then use the un-regulated D-tap ports or the Fischer 3 power.

2x Unregulated D-Tap outputs on the battery plate. On V2 v-mount the D-taps are offset and can be on the side or the top of the plate depending on how you mount it. On the Gold mount, they are on the left and right of the plate. On DeWalt MAX the D-tap is on the right side and a 2P 0B lemo style connector is on the left side.  

1x Built-in Red color record button on top of the unit (easy to reach record).  You can still use other record/trigger options (Fischer 3 or 9P EXT passthrough). 

1x CTRL 4 Pin port. This is for SmallHD camera control via RCP2 protocol. You can also do camera control via our 9P EXT passthrough option so it doesn't matter what version of the SmallHD KOMODO camera control cable you have.

1x Un-regulated Fischer 3 Pin R/S trigger/power port for camera triggering from our record buttons or third-party record/triggers. Pin 2 has unregulated voltage allowing this port to also be used to power accessories. 

1x 5 Pin Timecode I/O + Genlock Ambient Recording combo port. This port allows for genlock input and timecode input on the same port. We offer an optional BNC Genlock with 5Pin Lemo style timecode breakout Y cable available here COMBO.

1x 9pin EXT passthrough port. This allows you to expand and to have redundant ports available for even more options. It also allows for additional triggers, SmallHD camera control on 9P EXT versus 4 Pin CTRL, Genlock, and timecode beyond what is already built-in.

1x Built-in live LED battery voltage meter with a dedicated low-profile on/off switch. This meter is also countersunk to help prevent light bleeding forward into the shot. This allows voltage readout regardless if you are using SMBUS batteries or not.  Other mounts with readout in the camera only work with SMBUS batteries and can also be broken with firmware updates. Ours is not affected. Meter will be green or blue.

1x The Anti-drain battery switch on the bottom of the unit allows you to leave the battery on the camera for days without draining it. It is in a discrete location and is recessed to prevent accidental switching. If you keep your camera built for doc work this is a must for ready-to-shoot builds in your case without the need for removing the battery or unplugging cables. This switch also kills all power to accessory ports (2 pins and Fischer 3 pin). 

With our optional DC input cable (various options available), you can run the Battery IO without a battery with full IO and power outputs available. This is perfect for gimbal use, Steadicam, or when using the KOMODO AC/ DC adapter. DC Input Cable 

Size, Weight and Mounting8.1oz (1/2 pound), 85mm (3.34") wide, 48mm (1.8")deep, 81mm (3.18") tall (at top of record button)

Volt meter: 16.4v -16.8v is a fresh fully charged battery 100% (note most batteries labeled 14.4V are actually 16V -16.8v)
14v is 50%
12.5 is 25%
11.5 is when you need to swap batteries and is about 10%. Komodo will shut down at 11.1V

NOTE: DeWalt MAX battery plate option shows as 12V vs 16.8v when fully charged.  A 15Ah DeWalt MAX/Flex battery is 180 watt hours which is approx 4.8h of KOMODO power.  This is reduced by the number of accessories you use of course. A 5Ah battery is approx 1.6 hours of use.  A 3Ah battery is approx 1 hour. 


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