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Bolt-On V2 for Canon R5/R5c/R3/1Dx(1-3)/5D(2-4)

Bolt-On V2 for Canon R5/R5c/R3/1Dx(1-3)/5D(2-4)

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Bolt-On V2 R/S Trigger for Canon R5/R5c/R3/1Dx(1-3)/5D(2-4)

Our world famous MUTINY Bolt-On V2 R/S Trigger is now available for Canon R5/R5C/R3/1Dx (MK1-3)/5D(MK2-4) and other cameras that have an N3 (3pin remote connector).  It allows you to put your record button where you want it, solving a lot of rigging issues and ease of access to record.  It works for still photos and video.  Perfect for gimbals, top handles, or handgrips.  This works with any Canon DSLR or mirrorless with a 3 pin remote terminal.

NOTE: This does not work with the C70. Only the cameras listed above.

Available in"

Coiled (13" standard and up to 36" extended)


Straight (12" from inside connector edge to inside edge)


Comes with cable, bolt-on record button and 1/4-20 mounting screw.


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