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MUTINY™ Classic IO

Our RED Approved Mutiny™ Classic IO is a port expander interface box for the RED KOMODO. KOMODO X and V-RAPTOR cameraS and is the most modular RED approved IO system available. Classic IO allows for Timecode, Genlock, Run Stop camera triggering (R/S), and RCP2 Control (SmallHD monitors). The Mutiny™ Classic IO is modular with almost unlimited mounting capabilities and cable options. With dual-sided 1/4-20 holes, three tether points, and a rotating 15mm rod clamp option, there are over a thousand mounting combinations for your rig. Perfect for gimbal ops and anyone who wants to wants to run light and tight on their setup. Classic IO is hand-assembled and tested in the USA. The MUTINY™ Classic IO has been used on blockbuster movies, television shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and indie films around the world.

*** Note you will need to also order a 9pin EXT cable unless you have one already. We have them in 6”, 9”, 18” fixed  right angle to straight or our high end adjustable 8 position right angle to right angle cables in 18”, 10” and 6” via this link IO EXT Cables  *** 

The Classic IO works with all standard triggers that have a Fischer 3 pin connector like our 15mm Rod trigger, Tilta Nucleus, Bright Tangerine R/S Top Rail for KOMODO, Preston, and many more*.
If using SmallHD Komodo control you will need this SmallHD Control Cable and SmallHD KOMODO Control Software to directly connect Mutiny IO to SmallHD Focus Pro, Cine 7, and 702 Touch monitors, etc.

The Mutiny™ IO is compatible with: 

SmallHD Focus, Indie 7, and Cine 7 series monitors (with KOMODO Control & DSMC3 Control RCP2 CTRL functions) via 4 Pin connector
Tentacle Sync (1st and 2nd Gen) & Sync E Recorder via 5 pin TC IN/OUT connector
Titla Nucleus Nano & M (R/S) triggering via 3 pin Fischer 3 R/S
Ambient (All Lockit Timecode / Sync products) via 5 pin TC IN/OUT & Genlock BNC
Preston MDR version 3 and 4 (R/S triggering) via 3 Pin Fischer R/S
C-Motion Via 3 Pin Fischer R/S
Teradek RT / RT motion via 3 pin Fischer R/S
Deneke SB series (all) and JB Series (all) timecode/sync boxes via 5 Pin TC IN/OUT
Most genlock, sync devices, and 5 pin timecode generators and readers 5 pin TC and BNC Genlock
The Mutiny™ Classic IO is RED Approved hardware so you have the confidence that it will work with your KOMODO or V-RAPTOR and meet their expectations. Classic IO comes with a Bongo Tie and 2x 1/4-20 screws for mounting.
NOTE: The Fischer 3 R/S run stop port does not provide power out. It is not an accessory port and is purely for camera triggering only.  It will work with virtually all run / stop buttons and wireless follow focus systems using he appropriate cable to Fischer 3 Pin.  Pin 1 is ground, Pin 2 is N/C, Pin 3 is GPO 3.3V/RS start stop



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