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FreakshowHD MSX2-L/O 4K 12G 1×2 MICROSPLIT Distribution Amp

FreakshowHD MSX2-L/O 4K 12G 1×2 MICROSPLIT Distribution Amp

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NOTE: This unit is tiny and the best option for KOMODO and V-RAPTOR 12G SDI and can help protect your 12G SDI Port when using shielded 2 pin 0B power cables and TRUE 12G SDI cables.  These ultra-compact reclocking DAs have isolated inputs and outputs. For further protection, the MSX2-L DA has a chipset with built-in static protection.

The 4K 12G-SDI MSX2-L/O Microsplit Reclocking DA from Freakshow HD are ultra-compact reclocking distribution amplifiers with a single 12G-SDI input and matching dual SDI outputs. Using Belden 1694A cables, the Microsplit is capable of extending a DCI 4K signal up to 246′ via the dual outputs over 12G-SDI. Extensions over 6G-SDI run up to 328′, 3G-SDI up to 722′, HD-SDI up to 870′, and SD-SDI up to 1740′. The model L unit features a LEMO-type locking power input. Included in the box is a 12 VDC power supply for running the unit on AC power.  A perfect companion to our TRUE 12G SDI cables and Safetap 2pin Lemo cables. 

**** NOTE: Freakshow HD has a chipset with built-in static protection which can help mitigate 12G SDI driver issues ****

    • Robust build, U 12G-SDI Reclocking DA
    • Input auto selects, two outputs
    • DCI 4k Extension up to 246’
    • 3G HD SDI Extension up to 870’
    • 2.6 x 1.8 x 0.8" |  
    • 6.7 x 4.5 x 2.1 cm
    • 2.2 oz | 62 g
    • issolated inputs and outputs
  • Formats
    • 4K 12G-SDI, Ultra 4K 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 1.5G-SDI, 270Mb-SDI.
    • Meets and exceeds SMPTE-424, SMPTE-292, SMPTE-259
  •  Inputs
    • 1x12G/ 6G/ 3G/ 1.5G/ 270Mb
    • Auto-selectable SDI
    • 1xBNC
  •  Outputs
    • (same as above, but with the proper number of outputs for each device), equalization and re-clocking
  •  Cable Re-clocking and Equalization
    • (all with Belden 1694A - divide by half for Belden 1505): 75 meters (246ft) at 12G, 100 meters (328ft) at 6G, 220 meters (722ft) at 3G, 265 meters (870ft) at HD, 530 meters (1740ft) at SD
  •  Input Return Loss
    • -8dB at 12G, -9dB at 6G, -13dB at 3G, -18dB HD/SD
  • Output Return Loss
    • -6dB at 12G, -8.5dB at 6G, -15dB at 3G, -23dB at HD/SD

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