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Micro 15mm Rod Camera Trigger

Micro 15mm Rod Camera Trigger


Micro 15MM R/S
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Micro 15mm Rod Camera Trigger

The Micro 15mm rod run/stop trigger with a BNC connector is a compact version of our standard R/S rod trigger for rod clamp used. This trigger can be used with any 15mm clamp or baseplate allowing you to put the trigger where you need it. Can be used with any camera that accepts close contact triggering (Phantom Flex, RED®️ KOMODO®️, V-RAPTOR™️, etc). Includes BNC female to BNC female connector to allow for BNC cable extension for Fisher 3 or 9p EXT depending on what option you want. Email us for custom orders.

Choose between:

1) Micro 15mm Rod R/S Trigger with BNC Female end only (to use with BNC GPI trigger cameras like Phantom Flex or the Red Komodo Expander Module)

2) Micro 15MM Rod R/S Trigger with 12” super flexible 3 pin Fischer to BNC Male (for use with MUTINY™ IO, Modern Film Tools, Wooden Camera B-Box, Storm Box Pro, etc) Let us know how long you want it and if you want it with Red or Black cable weave.

3) Micro 15mm Rod R/S Trigger with 12” Right Angle 9P EXT Cable (direct to KOMODO or V-RAPTOR body EXT port)

4) Fischer 3 to BNC 12” (Cable Only)

5) EXT to BNC 12” (Cable Only)


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