Collection: FreakShow HD 4K SDI Re-clocking SDI Distribution Amplifier

FreakShow HD 12G SDI distribution amplifiers and accessories

Freakshow HD is hands down the best 12G 4K shielded SDI distribution amplifier on the market.  Its built-in protection features coupled with the highest quality components and compact size make it the go-to solution for on-camera builds. 


Microsplit Reclocking DA from Freakshow HD are ultra-compact reclocking distribution amplifiers. Using Belden 1694A cables, the is capable of extending a DCI 4K signal up to 246′ via the dual outputs over 12G-SDI. Extensions over 6G-SDI run-up to 328′, 3G-SDI up to 722′, HD-SDI up to 870′, and SD-SDI up to 1740′. The FreakShow HD model L units feature a LEMO-type locking power input. The O model features a standard 2.1mm power barrel connector.


Included in the box is a 12 VDC power supply with an appropriate power connector for running the unit on AC power.


All Freakshow HD products are 100% designed, engineered and assembled in North Hollywood California.